Letters from Readers
March 7, 2019


To the editor:

In the 22nd February issue of Farm News, I was taken to the woodshed by an old-time Democrat, Martin Kramer who has refused to join today's Democrat Party and still thinks, unfortunately, this is the party of FDR, HST, JFK and LBJ. You, Mr. Martin are deluding yourself with the statement "just because a person is running on the democratic ticket does not mean they believe in abortion." Name one nationally known Democrat who doesn't believe a woman has the right to kill her baby anytime b/4 birth using the euphemism "a women's right?" Or the name of one of the 60-70 Democrats in the Iowa legislature who voted that killing a baby after detection of a fetal heartbeat is murder?

You are still living in the era when the Democrat Party was completely dominated by segregationists. Robert Byrd, the longest serving senator (51 years) was the Exalted Cyclops in his local chapter of the KKK and LBJ won his first election courtesy of several votes from the local cemetery. Back then, the party of corruption, but they, unlike today, didn't agree to murder of the unborn.

Larry Ginter, on the other hand, is the living embodiment of today's Democrat Party. He may call himself a farmer or retired farmer, but is, in actuality, a professional protester against GMOs, hog confinements and many other causes.

It is inconceivable how anyone who has ever witnessed the birth of their child or grandchild and held the beautiful baby could possibly think it's right and legal for an abortionists knife to "slice and dice" that child just a few minutes earlier during the birth process. But guys like Ginter do, and, I doubt, your parents would relish what their "Catholic upbringing" has wrought.

Ginter and Kramer have ridiculed me because I vote for the party - not the person insinuating I'm really stupid. How about this - "I vote for the person who best exemplifies my beliefs and principles." I can read. The platforms of Ds and Rs are quite different -I agree with all parts of R and almost nothing of D.

Was it a Forrest Gump quote "stupid is as stupid does?" You Democrats who don't agree with abortion or homosexual marriage need to reevaluate your definition. Not you, Larry.

Jerry Crew

Webb, IA


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