Letters from Readers
July 16, 2019


Dear editor,

Regarding David Kruse's article, "True War Heroes," as a so-called Christian nation we should get something straight. John McCain was no hero. He wrecked airplanes while showing off. He got special treatment as an Admiral's son. He supported avoidable wars, resulting in numerous unnecessary casualties. He promoted all manner of wasteful government intervention, foreign and domestic.

This is not to excuse Donald Trump's silly notion that a ship named after McCain should be hidden to make him feel better. Politicians like Trump and McCain should stick to business, instead of trying to mold the world to their liking. Their meddling in the affairs of individual Americans constantly causes problems that they then pretend to solve.

A real hero would be Hugh Thompson. Hugh spied a massacre on the ground in Vietnam from his chopper. He landed and he and his men stood between U.S. soldiers and the unarmed civilians they were systematically murdering. They were too late to save between three and five hundred elderly and children.

The word "hero" has been made meaningless by its flagrant over use. But it is appropriate in Hugh Thompson's case.

Fritz Groszkruger



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