Letters from Readers
May 13, 2020


To the editor:

I'm certainly not a gourmet cook -in fact, I'm probably, at best, mediocre because I tend to not follow directions! But I do love food! 80 % of the time I read the story in section B about some recipe that looks promising, and last weeks issue featured sourdough bread.

Here's the recipe for day one "stir in 50 grams of organic unbleached bread flour...and 50 grams organic stone ground whole wheat flour."

Day 2 - "Add 50 grams organic unbleached bread flour,,,and 5 grams organic rye flour." Doesn't sound like an Iowan who knows "organic" is a hoax, and it wasn't! Some "foodie" from Grit magazine who wouldn't even consider using anything unless it's "organic!"

Probably not a recipe that should have been in FN!

Jerry Crew



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