Letters from Readers
July 13, 2020


To the editor:

I'm confused. I thought David Kruse's Farm News column focused on agricultural markets.

In his June 12 column, Kruse omitted that his experts stand opposed to President Trump's stand on life. From the Episcopal Church website, '"in 2018, The Episcopal Church called for "women's reproductive health and reproductive health procedures to be treated as all other medical procedures." The Convention declared "that equitable access to women's health care, including women's reproductive health care, is an integral part of a woman's struggle to assert her dignity and worth as a human being."' Note: abortions are defined as women's reproductive healthcare.

The ELCA offers a 12-page social statement on their website as "this church neither supports nor opposes laws prohibiting abortion."

The president publicly proclaimed his stance at the Washington D.C. Right to Life March in January 2020. President Trump left no doubt as to his belief in the value of life in the womb. There are many more differences including open borders and immigration (think about pandemic safety with open borders).

How does a conversation begin knowing these bishops value the lives of some and not others? The black community has the highest number of abortions in the United States. Where are his church leaders in the conversation about black lives matter in the womb?

Instead we hear "Trump bad" while democrats don African stoles and kneel in apology for their skin color with nary a word from the ag marketing columnist. We read "Trump not fit for office" while these churches remain silent about abortion until the day of natural birth? Where is the outrage when state legislatures proclaim the right to choose supersedes the right to life after science tells us the baby has a beating heart? I didn't hear these bishops speaking out about any of these laws in the past two years. Science has caught up with abortionists. We see the baby moving to avoid the abortionist's knife in the womb during the procedure that dismembers the child.

Dozens of police were injured during "peaceful" protests in DcC. Read the Park Service statement on violence at the Park. Don't tell me the walk to the church meant nothing to Christians. It symbolized a return to order and the freedom to worship. What you submitted was a "blog", Mr. Kruse. Go back to monitoring the ag market.

Laura Carlson

Story City


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