Letters from Readers
July 13, 2020


To the editor:

My friend is gone. Jerry Crew of Webb, Iowa, has passed on to live with his Lord on June 10th.

He was a great friend and influence in my life; we had a few things in common. We were fellow church members, semi-retired farmers, and Air Force veterans, although he left at the rank of Major about the time I enlisted as a boot camp trainee. And when he retired, he finished a tour flying over north Vietnam in the Blackbird Spyplane; as close to an astronaut as I'll ever be pleasured to know.

We both were conservatives politically -one never had to read Jerry's mind -he'd tell you exactly what he was thinking in no uncertain terms and without wasteful rhetoric. As his daughter-in-law put it, if one was to debate Jerry, one had better bring their A-Game.

Brilliant of mind and loving of his Lord and his family, his generosity amazed all who knew Jerry: each summer he would donate the produce of his garden, washed and table-ready, for sale to our church members. The proceeds went to a mission project here in Iowa. And oh! How he loved our Lutheran Parochial School, annually bringing a hatful of cash to our school auction and all the other fundraising events.

He lived the love of the land that he tilled. He was a true conservationist who fought hard that it not be abused by poor farming practices or misshapen governmental policies.

I'll miss you, Jerry Crew. So will many, many other of your family and friends. One final Salute, Major, until we meet at the throne of our Lord.

Kell Steffen



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